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Baptists On Mission


 is a Collegiate Missions initiative sponsored by North Carolina Baptist Men and Baptist Campus Ministry. Campus Ministers on college campuses and College Ministers in churches are welcome to sign up as a group.  Individuals can also sign up for a missions experience.  You can click on each location for more information about the types of projects you may be involved in while on the field.  Note that details for Transform122 may differ some from the information seen on the partnership pages. Please contact Tom Beam for more details and how to sign up. 

The following locations have coordinators and are open to your collegiate group scheduling a weekend,
Spring Break, week during another part of the year, or any number of days:

Mark Abernathy
(800) 395-5102, ext. 5607
Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Pennsylvania, Appalachian Coalfields, Vermont, Hawaii, Rocky Mountain

Teresa Jones
(800) 395-5102, ext. 5612
Roma Gypsy (Romania)

Tom Beam
(800) 395-5102, ext. 5626
Cuba, Ethiopia, Canada, New York City, South Africa

Larry Osborne
(910) 843-7700
Red Springs Mission Camp, Red Springs, NC

David Brown
(919) 422-9990
Shelby Mission Camp, Shelby, NC

The following mission trips/projects are for high school groups and college individuals/groups:
June 20-27, 2015 - Honduras
July 17-24, 2015 - Cuba

Contact Tom Beam for more information - 1.800.395.5102, ext. 5626,

For More information please contact:
Tom Beam
1.800.395.5102, ext. 5626


 is a partnership between North Carolina Baptist Men and Campus Ministry


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