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Baptist Men's Day 2015

The fourth Sunday in January is the designated day each year for Baptist Men’s Day.  Churches use this day to remind their entire congregation of the importance of Baptist Men’s ministry within the church, community, and the world.  The 81st observance of Baptist Men’s Day this year falls on January 25.  But if January 25 is not a convenient date for Baptist Men’s Day in your church, please feel free to plan it for any another Sunday. 

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Initial Preparation and Planning
1. Form a planning team. This team should reflect the size of your church and Baptist Men’s group.  Those who comprise the team might include the church Baptist Men’s director, the Men’s Ministries director, the pastor or assigned staff member, and two or three other men.
2. Your planning team should begin meeting at least two months before Baptist Men’s Day. Look toward accomplishment of the following:
 - Coordinate the date with the church calendar.
 - Determine what you hope to accomplish by observing Baptist Men’s Day.
 - Plan activities to accomplish these goals.
-  Determine those needed to carry out these goals.
 - Make assignments.
 - Secure needed materials.
 - Keep a check on the progress.

Six Weeks Before

· Select a special ministry project to be completed in conjunction with Baptist Men’s Day.
        (Click here for ideas)
· Plan a Sunday morning prayer breakfast in conjunction with Baptist Men’s Day.
        (Click here for ideas on prayer - OR - here for a comprehensive Men's Ministry meeting plan.)
· Consult with your pastor about the Sunday Morning Worship Service.  (Click here for ideas).  If your         men do not participate in the service, ask your pastor to bring a challenging message to men or to             suggest a guest speaker to do so.
· Plan a recognition time during the morning or evening service for men involved in missions and                   ministries through your local Baptist Men. (Click here for a sample Baptist Men's Award Certificate)
· Select men to share testimonies of missions and ministry involvement in each adult Sunday School class.
· Select men to share testimonies of missions and ministry involvement during the service.
One Month Before

· Place announcements of Baptist Men's Day activities in the church bulletin and newsletter.
· Have a display of Men’s Ministries materials and photographs of your activities over the past year read for display in the church foyer.
· Enlist men to make announcements about Baptist Men's Day activities in all adult Sunday School classes for each of the next four Sundays.
· Begin practice for men’s choir.
· Begin creation of a short PowerPoint or other creative presentation of the past year’s Baptist Men’s activities to be shown during the worship service.
· Confirm  with those responsible for all activities you have decided upon.
· Check progress of all plans and correct anything not progressing as scheduled.

Saturday Activities

Plan a special event for the Saturday before Baptist Men’s Day.  Some suggestions are listed below. There may be other activities appropriate to your church and community.
 - Conduct a “Handyman Ministry Day” dedicated to helping those who may not be physically able to do simple household chores. This can be for church members, or as an outreach to the community.
Here is a sample form you can use to solicit requests for assistance.

 - Conduct an Outdoor Ministry Event  and/or wild game supper, incorporated with a men’s worship rally on Saturday night. Visit our Outdoor Ministry webpage.
 - Plan a Men’s Golf tournament or other outing that unchurched men could be invited to. The proceeds can go to a designated missions cause. 
 - Plan a showing of the “The Real Win” DVD  (session 1) for the night before Baptist Men’s Day. Plan a meal and be sure to invite unchurched men. Be ready to incorporate worshipful singing, small group discussion, and a prayer time. Use this as a kick-off to doing the rest of the six session series with your men. 

Prayer Breakfast

A prayer breakfast is an excellent way to start your Baptist Men’s Day.  It allows men to gather for fellowship and prayer before the activities of the day.
A prayer breakfast can serve three purposes:  a) it calls men together to pray for what God is doing in their lives and the life of the church; b) it is a good way to encourage ongoing Prayer Teams; c) it can be used as a challenge to begin Prayer Teams if they do not already exist in your church.  Praying men do make a difference. Click here for some ideas on leading men in prayer.

If your church does not currently have a Baptist Men’s Ministry, perhaps this would be a good time to discuss beginning one. Call the Baptist Men’s office for starter information. Click here to access a Men's Ministry PowerPoint presentation that explains how to have a well-balanced Men's Ministry

Some churches ask the church hostess to prepare the breakfast.  In others, men prepare the food themselves or meet in a local restaurant.

Meeting Plan for Baptist Men's Day

Breakfast and fellowship. 
Welcome & opening prayer.
Promote opportunities for your men,  including: Disaster Relief Training, Local, State, National, or International Mission Projects. Go to our website for ideas.
Also Promote:
Special Baptist Men’s Day Offering.  Consider taking up a special offering to help in one of several on-going ministry needs. You can give online or make checks payable to NCBM, PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512. Put the name of the particular ministry you wish to give to in the memo of the check.
NC Missions Conference.  Plan to attend the next  NC Baptist Missions Conference, which will be held April 10-11, 2015 at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.
Explanation of the Men’s Ministries program in your church or a challenge to begin one. Cast a vision for your men of how this might look in your church. From the NCBM Men's Ministry Resources and Events webpage, download any number of Men’s Ministry handouts, including the manual “Men’s Ministries: A Resource for Starting and Strengthening Men’s Ministries In Your Church” or show a Men’s Ministry PowerPoint presentation. 
 5 MINUTES:   
Show a Mandate video segment.  North Carolina Baptist Men has its own YouTube channel. Current and former Mandate video segments can be found on this channel, depicting a variety of mission opportunities—such as Disaster Relief, International and National Missions, Handyman, and much more.  Click here to go to the NCBM Youtube Channel. You can stream the video from the site, or call the Baptist Men’s office to see about receiving one of these videos on DVD (according to availability): 1-800-395-5102 x 5613.
 7 MINUTES:   
Singing of praise choruses 
Scripture and Theme Interpretation  
Theme:       Broken Enough to Care
                  Healed Enough to Share
Scripture:    Luke 8:38-39
It’s often easy for us to forget just how much Christ has done for us. In some ways we are all guilty of this. It is true that some people go through life with few difficulties and little pain. When this is the case it can be easy to become insensitive to others who are hurting. But few of us are in this situation. Most  of us have felt pain. Most have suffered loss. Most have experienced failure that has been thrust upon us—or that we have brought upon ourselves. In other words, we are broken.
Scripture is full of broken people—people with physical maladies, emotional dysfunction, and spiritual failure.  One might think that these would be the marginal people in Scripture, with the major roles going to those who are strong-willed, healthy, spiritual giants. But that would be an incorrect assumption. Jesus was all about brining healing and wholeness to broken people. And more often than not, those who he healed go on to be effective witnesses of his love.
Luke 8 tells the story of the individual we know as “the demon-possessed man”. This person had truly been living “hell on earth”; naked and homeless, living among the tombs, constantly chained and breaking free, and driven to solitary places. Yet Jesus sought him out in order to heal his brokenness. Understandably, the grateful man wanted to follow Jesus. But Jesus encouraged the man to go back to his town, his family, his people—in order to tell his story. And brother! - what a story that man had to tell! In his wisdom, Jesus knew that the man would be most effective witnessing to those who knew him best—those who had seen his horror lived out. 
The great majority of us do not have such a dramatic story to tell—or so we believe. Perhaps we too easily forget just what Christ has done for us. Romans 5:8 reminds us that “...God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” While our earthly existence is nothing even remotely compared to what this demon-possessed man had gone through, our eternal future—without Christ– would be every bit as horrific. And that is the good, great news of the gospel! 
By virtue of our sinful nature, all people are broken and separated from God. But we who claim Christ as our Savior have been gloriously and wonderfully healed! Jesus would send us to our “people”, our state, our world to tell that good, great news !
Discussion. Ask men to gather in small groups of three to discuss the following questions:
1. Discuss for a moment your understanding of "brokenness" in your own life?
2. Share how you have experienced God's healing in your life?
3. What are some practical ways that we as individuals can share this good, great news of what Jesus has done for us with others? How might we do that as a men's group?
Prayer time in small groups.
Divide men into groups of three. Ask each man to share two things: 1) a prayer request on behalf of someone else, and 2) a specific prayer request for himself. Once these are shared the group should go immediately into prayer. The leader should then close the session with prayer at around the nine-minute mark.  

Baptist Men's Day Worship Service

Baptist Men’s Day is an opportunity to build the worship services around the laymen of the church. Make this a special day for them.  By doing so, the family is strengthened. One of the greatest needs of our society is for strong Christian male role models.  By recognizing the contributions of the men of the church, those role models are made visible.

Work with your pastor to plan the service.  Recognize one or two outstanding members of the Baptist Men.  Present them with a certificate of appreciation. (Click here for an additional certificate.)

Beyond the tradition of men handing out bulletins, taking up the offering, and singing in a men’s choir, you may also want to enlist men to read Scripture, give a short testimony, or share a meaningful song.

One option might be to build the service around men sharing personal testimonies of their salvation experience and missions involvement.  Give at least three men five minutes each to share about their conversion and personal ministries.  Include participants of local, national and/or international mission projects, as well as individuals who have become active in men’s small groups and other spiritual development activities for men.

You might also consider allowing a time to let the men report on their activities from their Mission Action Team, small group, or prayer team during the past year.  Ask the pastor to sum up these activities and to bring a challenge for the future.