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Baptists On Mission

Northstar Baptist Church - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

At the invitation of building committee member Chris Moore, pastor Bennett Sanderson, and the congregation, NC Baptist Men committed to assist the Northstar Baptist Church of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in the construction of their first worship unit in 2011. Coeur d’Alene (pronounced core-da-lane) is the county seat of Kootenai County. The city is located about 40 miles east of Spokane, Washington and sits at the northern end of 25 mile long Lake Coeur d’Alene. With a population of 41,328, Coeur d'Alene is the largest city in the northern Idaho panhandle. The city of Coeur d'Alene has grown significantly in recent years in part because of a substantial increase in tourism. Missoula, Montana is 180 miles to the east; the Canadian border 90 miles to the north.

The congregation had been renting an old Christian bookstore and was ready to construct their first unit. The plan called for a sanctuary, classrooms, office space, kitchen, and bathrooms. From the beginning, it was clear that God was in this process. As with any endeavor of this magnitude, there were roadblocks that had to be overcome. Much prayer went into the process at every stage. Each obstacle was overcome.

For the second year, Ed and Helen Helms committed to and did a great job working with our teams. The Helms are from Lincolnton, NC. Fifteen teams, including eleven from North Carolina, one from Alabama, one from Montana, one from Wyoming, and one from Tennessee, came to help. NC Baptist Men would like to thank each volunteer who came to serve this summer. Many thanks also to the members of Northstar Baptist Church, who were gracious hosts to our teams! Our prayer is that God will use this congregation and this new facility to further His kingdom in the Couer d'Alene region. 



Team #

Team / Contact

May 7-14


 FBC Athens, AL

May 14-21


 Eastern Baptist Association, Clinton, NC

May 21-28


 Rich Fork Baptist, Thomasville, NC

May 28 – June 4



June 4-11



June 11-18


 Buncombe Baptist Association, Asheville, NC

June 18-25


 First Baptist, Drexel, NC

June 25-July 2


Haymore Baptist, Mt. Airy, NC

July 2-9



July 9-16


 Central Baptist, Lewistown MT

July 16-23


 Abbott's Creek Baptist, High Point, NC

July 23- 30


July 30-Aug. 6


 Liberty Baptist, Ellenboro, NC / Turner Memorial, Garner, NC

August 6-13


 Freedom Biker Church, NC

August 13-20


 Florence Baptist, Forest City, NC

August 20-27


 Grace Baptist, Mount Holly, NC

Aug. 27-Sept. 3


 Cumberland Plateau Baptist Association, TN


2012 Rocky Mountain Projects

Key:  Project has been Reserved
 Project NameProject TypeStartEndLocation
RM15-001 Construction Construction 6/6/20157/4/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-002 Construction Construction 6/27/20157/4/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-003 Camp Cook Camps / Retreats 6/20/20156/27/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-004 Camp Cook Camps / Retreats 6/25/20157/4/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-005 Camp Cook Camps / Retreats 7/4/20157/11/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-006 Camp Cook Camps / Retreats 8/1/20148/8/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-007 Camp Kitchen Team Camps / Retreats 5/30/20156/6/2015 Torreon, NM
United States
RM15-008 Camp Kitchen Team Camps / Retreats 6/6/20156/13/2015 Torreon, NM
United States
RM15-009 Camp Kitchen Team Camps / Retreats 6/13/20156/20/2015 Torreon, NM
United States
RM15-010 Camp Kitchen Team Camps / Retreats 6/20/20156/27/2015 Torreon, NM
United States
RM15-011 Camp Kitchen Team Camps / Retreats 7/4/20157/11/2015 Torreon, NM
United States
RM15-012 Camp Kitchen Team Camps / Retreats 7/11/20157/18/2015 Torreon, NM
United States
RM15-013 Cooking for Campers Camps / Retreats 7/13/20157/18/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-014 Cooking for Campers and Construction Camps / Retreats, Construction 7/18/20157/25/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-015 Cooking for Campers Camps / Retreats 7/27/20157/31/2015 Casper, WY
United States
RM15-016 Youth Camp Projects Camps / Retreats 6/1/20158/31/2015 Cloudcroft, NM
United States
RM15-017 Cowboy Church Ministry Construction 7/1/20158/31/2015 Pecos, NM
United States