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Baptists On Mission

Medical and Dental Ministry

Medical and Dental Bus Ministry in North Carolina

The Medical/Dental Bus Ministry of NCBM began in 1989 to help the physical and spiritual needs of those in your community. NC Baptist Men (Baptists On Mission) offer the use of the medical/dental buses to Baptist and non-Baptist churches and service organizations within North Carolina who wish to reach out to people in need. Patients targeted through this ministry may include people without insurance, the impoverished, Hispanic and other ethnic groups, migrant workers, fair workers, the homeless, the elderly, and more.

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Responsibilities of the Church or Other Sponsoring Organization
  1. Enlist volunteer staff (dentists, nurses, interpreters, counselors, and general helpers) to work the clinic.  Call Joanne Honeycutt (1-800-395-5102) to reserve a date for your dental clinic.
  2. Remit a $200.00 deposit to NCBM to confir your date. This fee will be applied toward the total costs of the clinic. (Charges for using the medical/dental bus include: $7.00 per patient to help offset the cost of materials used in the bus; .65 roundtrip mileage for the bus from Cary to the clinic site; reimbursement for driver's overnight accomodations and meals (if necessary), use of the onboard generator (if necessary)).
  3. Identify the target patient group and how to reach them.
  4. Make arrangements for clinic site: parking for bus, electricity, etc.
  5. Make an appointment schedule, hold screenings, and register patients.
  6. Consider offering childcare.
  7. Consider an evangelical witness, food or snacks, hygiene kits, etc.

New Dental Bus

On October 12, 2011, a beautiful new mobile medical dental unit pulled into the parking lot of the Baptist State Convention. It was 22 years ago that the first medical/dental bus pulled into the parking lot at 205 Convention Drive in Cary. During these 22 years of service, thousands of needy North Carolinians have received free medical and dental care. Most importantly, churches, laypeople, dentists, doctors and nurses have shared with love of Christ with these patients.

The decision to purchase a new mobile unit began in 2010 when the 1989 Bluebird Bus began having mechanical, electrical and dental equipment problems. Joanne Honeycutt and the dental bus drivers began researching and visiting other mobile units and organizations that build them. Lifeline Mobile was chosen to manufacture NCBM’s new mobile unit after consideration of several companies that customize buses, trucks and RV’s into bloodmobiles, emergency vehicles, mobile medical/dental units and bookmobiles. Lifeline is a family owned business in Columbus, OH. Richard Brunson and Joanne Honeycutt visited the manufacturing facility in May of 2010. This was the company we needed to work with because they are experts at the type of vehicle we needed.

The new Lifeline Mobile unit replaces the 1989 Bluebird bus. The Lifeline unit is housed at the Baptist State Convention in Cary along with the 2001 Bluebird Bus. The 1989 unit has been moved to Truett Baptist Association near Murphy, N.C. It is set up as a stationary clinic and used by the association to serve the most western N.C. counties.

The cost of the Lifeline Mobile unit was $400,000. Another $50,000 was used to purchase new medical/dental equipment and supplies. The purchase of this unit was made possible by gifts from the Duncan Foundation, the Friess Family Fund, the Goodwill Foundation, churches, summer camps, dental offices, and individuals.

1.jpg 2011 Mobile Medical Dental Unit heads out on its first mission trip, to Shelby, N.C. on October 27, 2011.
2.jpg The new dental unit was used at Westwood Heights Baptist Church in Shelby on Friday, October 28, 2011. Dr. Brian Moore was the first dentist to work aboard the new mobile dental unit. The bus driver and host were Glenn and Charlotte Stuart.
3.jpg Dr. Craig Thompson and his staff pose for a photo with the new dental unit at Shelby.
4.jpg The new unit is equipped with x-ray equipment and computers offering digital x-rays. The first digital x-ray was taken at the clinic at Coats United Methodist Church on November 5.
5.jpg Mitchell Shields, Director of Missions for Truett Baptist Association, welcomes the 1989 Bluebird bus on Friday afternoon, October 28, 2011.
6.jpg The 1989 bus is parked at its new home at Truett Baptist Association in Marble, N.C. where it will serve dental patients from surrounding counties.
7.jpg Baptists of all ages enjoyed touring the new mobile dental unit at the 2011 Annual Session of the Baptist State Convention at the Koury Center in Greensboro, November 7-8, 2011

Medical and Dental Mission Opportunities

Listed below are medical mission opportunities not related to the dental bus ministry.  Many of these opportunities require international travel.

Key:  Project has been Reserved
 Project NameProject TypeStartEndLocation
AR15-05 Educational, ESL, Evangelism, Medical / Dental, Prayer, Training, VBS / Backyard Bible Club 7/3/20157/17/2015 Yerevan, Armenia
GU15-108 Guatemala Mission Medical / Dental 4/18/20154/25/2015 Xela, Guatemala
HN15-120 Honduras Medical / Dental 7/29/20158/6/2015 Southern Honduras, ---
HN15-121 Honduras Medical / Dental 8/10/20158/18/2015 Southern Honduras, ---
RO15-03 Medical / Dental 5/14/20155/23/2015 Ukraine, Ukraine
RO15-10 Medical / Dental 8/10/20158/21/2015 Ukraine, Ukraine
RO15-11 Medical / Dental 8/24/20159/2/2015 Székylhíd, Romania


Medical/Dental Bus Presentation

Ministry Goals

To meet the physical needs of people who are served on the buses

To share Jesus Christ with every person served on the bus


The bus ministry is funded by donations from individuals and groups who see this ministry as a meaningful way to reach people for Christ. Contributions for the bus ministry may be sent to:

NC Baptist Men
PO Box 1107
Cary NC 27512

For further information
Or call 1-800-395-5102 ext. 5603