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Family Foundations

Family Foundations Mission Statement: To assist and encourage churches, pastors, and church leaders in their privilege of developing strong Christian families; and to help families grow in their relationship with Christ through hands-on missions and by providing needed resources for all aspects of the family.

Resources included below:  Protect Every Child (Internet Safety); Family Enrichment; Missions Involvement

Protect Every Child Ministry

Protect Every Child is an effort to help create awareness about what it means for children to be safe on the Internet. Their safety begins with parents understanding that children and teenagers may not know how to be safe on the Internet, and parent involvement goes a long way in making sure they are safe.

The potential for harm on the Internet is great. Sixty-four percent of teenagers say they do things online they would not want their parents to know about. Fourteen percent of teenagers have met face-to-face with a person they know through the Internet. Another 40 percent report that when they receive messages online from someone they don’t know they usually reply to and chat with that person.

Although the potential for danger exists, parents should not fear technology. Instead, as Protect Every Child suggests, they can view technology as an opportunity for discipleship. Parents can help their children and teenagers set healthy parameters for using the Internet that allows them to be God-honoring in their use of technology.

NCBM have produced short videos that churches can use to help parents understand about Internet safety. The four guidebook sections to the right are companions to these videos and provide suggestions about how to promote Internet safety meetings at church and how to lead parents during these meetings.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4


Family Enrichment Ministry

The following articles are excellent resources for Family Enrichment
Protect Every Child - Spring 2010
Do You Know Where Your Child Is Tonight?
Protect Every Child - Spring 2011
Strengthen Your Family

The following websites are provided to you as a resource for you and your family when you encounter bullying.

Internet Safety Resources
Being Safe at School/Understand Bullying
Media Awareness Resources
Cyber Safety
Monitoring Teenager Security through Technology

Additional Internet Safety Websites/Videos

Parents Guide to Internet Safety
Website Safety for Kids and Teens

Interrnet Safety Video by Josh Shipp


For more information please contact:
Gaylon Moss
NC Baptist Men
800.395.5102 ext. 5605

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