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Hurricane Sandy Update

New Jersey/New York: 

We are engaged in clean up and rebuild efforts in Seaside Heights, NJ and surrounding counties and Long Island, NY.  So far in 2014, 4,832 volunteer days have been given in the response to NJ this year.  One person has accepted Christ, 98 homes have been repaired, and 9,565 meals have been prepared for participants.  We are in need of clean up and construction crews to help finish the work!  Clean up teams are responsible for removing damaged items from the home, including but not limited to:  furniture, floors, doors, windows, sheetrock, etc.  Construction teams are needed to repair the home for the family.  The work often included but is not limited to the installation of floors, doors, siding, sheetrock, etc.

Teams should consists of adults (18 and older) and contain at least some skilled workers.  A 1 to 5 ration of skilled to unskilled is strongly encouraged.

Youth teams must be 14 years old+.  Each team is required to bring one adult for every five youth participants of the same gender.  Adult chaperones must be 21 years old+, of the same gender, and must stay in the same room as their youth.  A liability release form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for each youth.  In addition, for youth groups, all adults (18 years and older) must have passed a background check performed by the church or organization.

Cost is $15/day/person.  Non-refundable.  Your registration is not confirmed until reciept of daily use fee for the group. 

Accommodations are dormitory style, showers provided.  3 meals are provided during your stay, Monday breakfast - Saturday lunch.   

October, 2013: The rebuild effort continues.  We still need volunteers to help.  10,842 volunteer days (2013 only); 45 salvations; 23,664 meals prepared (for volunteers); 62 recovery jobs completed; 47 rebuilds completed.

Jan. 25: Volunteers are serving in very cold conditions during this time of year.  We are continuing the recovery effort and gearing up for a rebuild effort in New Jersey and New York.  By the numbers: 7 salvations; 609,000 meals prepared, 11,800 volunteer days, 838 recovery jobs completed, 2 rebuilds completed, 5,000 showers, 1,500 loads of laundry, 1,700 chaplaincy contacts, 77 patient visits. 
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Jan 15: Tear out and clean up efforts continue in NJ and NY.  We are helping those affected by Superstorm Sandy to begin the difficult task of recovering from this disaster.  We are making plans to begin a rebuild effort although it still may be some weeks away.  Approximately 650 recovery jobs have been completed.  To volunteer, click on "Volunteer Now" in the sidebar link.

Dec. 29:  560 clean up jobs have been completed in NJ and NY.  We plan to continue the work into the New Year.  You can help by using the "Volunteer Now" link in the sidebar.

Dec. 26, 2012 - Over 170 people are expected to serve in New Jersey/New York over the next 3 days.  They will be helping do clean out and chainsaw work for those affected by Superstorm Sandy in late October.  Pray for them and the folks they are helping. Additional teams are needed. Sign up using the "Volunteer Now" link in the sidebar.

Dec. 19: This week, approximately 50 college students are working in Allenwood, NJ to help people in need. Please pray for them as they help others during this Christmas season.  We are currently working in 3 places: Piscataway, NJ (Recovery); Allenwood, NJ (Recovery); Queens, NY (Recovery). The mass feeding operation in Queens closed on December 16.  The Superstorm Sandy Mass Feeding event is one of the longest lasting feeding efforts in our history - 46 days! 
Additional support is being provided by a host of volunteers in Admin, Assessment, Chaplaincy, Medical, Safety, Maintenance and others.  By the numbers: 9,000 volunteer days; 596,900 hot meals prepared; 520 recovery jobs completed; 1,050 laundry loads washed; 1,150+ Chaplaincy visits; 71 patient visits to the Medical team. Recovery teams are needed. Click on the "Volunteer Now" link in the right column.

11-19-12 The NY feeding operation started on Monday,  Nov. 19 at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens.  We are starting a recovery operation from this site also to work in the Rockaways and other locations in Queens. Over 210 projects have been completed and 294,000 meals prepared! Recovery operations in Piscataway and Allenwood continue but we need your help to continue the tearout work.    Please click on "Volunteer Now" on the sidebar to signup!

11-14-12: The NCBM NJ mass feeding operation ends on Wed. Nov. 14 with approximately 250,000 hot meals prepared. However, small feeding teams will be preparing meals for recovery volunteers in the Toms River/Wall Community and Piscataway.  In addition, we have been asked to setup Feeding Unit 2 on Long Island at the Aqueduct Racetrack.  This operation should begin early next week.  The Recovery operation is in full swing with 86 projects completed.  Our work at Toms River will transition to the Walls Township on Thursday, Nov. 15.  Piscataway recovery work continues in the current location. The sites are supported by a host of volunteers in Admin, Assessment, Maintenance, Safety, Chaplaincy, and Medical.  3,500 volunteer days have been given during this time. To volunteer, please click on "Volunteer Now"  on the sidebar.

11-9-12  -By the numbers:  5 salvations, 180,000 hot meals, 30 homeowners assisted, 2,000 volunteer days.  The Piscataway kitchen (Rutgers) is closing on Sunday,  Nov. 11 but the recovery operation will continue.  We continue to serve meals and do recovery in Toms River and are preparing meals only at The Meadowlands for now.  The comfort station in Atlantic City, NJ closed on Friday, Nov. 9.  Shower and laundry will continue to serve volunteers and survivors in various places.

11-7-12 Manna One was diverted to the Meadowlands and started preparing food on Tuesday, Nov. 6.  Recovery teams are doing mainly tearout work with just a few tree jobs.  The mass feeding and recovery effort is being supported by a number of teams: shower, laundry, communications, chaplaincy, medical, assessment, admin, and others.  A number of photo albums can be found at  If you would like to help in New Jersey, click on "Volunteer now" on the right side of this page.  

11-5-12 NCBM Kitchen 2 and 3 are cooking but Manna One has been diverted to a new location (not available for posting at this time).  The NCBM Recovery Unit is in place at Toms River and recovery teams are being sent to assist.  A shower unit, laundry unit, and chaplaincy team are serving at a comfort station in Atlantic City. 

11-3-12 Three NCBM feeding units have been assigned: Piscataway (Rutgers), Toms River, and Atlantic City.  Additional equipment and volunteers are in place assisting with the overall relief effort.  Recovery operations will basically be in the general area of the kitchens.  To volunteer to help with recovery efforts, click on "Volunteer Now" on the side panel.

11-1-12 NCBM Disaster Relief Feeding Unit 2, Command Unit, shower unit and food for 30,000 arrived on Wed. Oct. 31 in order to begin a mass feeding and recovery site for northern New Jersey. The kitchen site will be in a parking lot on the campus of Rutgers University.  Approximately 75 volunteers are expected to begin this operation.  Pray for the people of New Jersey as they deal with their current situation.

Oct. 30, 2012 A mobile kitchen, team, and additional support units travel on Wednesday, October 31 to Rutgers in order to setup a mass feeding site.  Approximately 75 volunteers will be on site to assist with response efforts.

Oct. 29, 2012:We continue to monitor potential response needs in NC.  We have established 3 locations to setup IF needed.  Northern States: a NCBM Disaster Relief volunteer will work with the American Red Cross to help with mass feeding efforts in the New Jersey operation center.  In addition, we are the primary assisting convention for Pennsylvania/South Jersey Baptists and will assist them as needed. 

Oct. 27, 2012: We have placed 3 kitchens on Alert for possible response to NC or northern states.  In addition,Assessment, Recovery and other volunteer teams are on Alert. 

OCT. 26, 2012: NCBM Disaster Relief is monitoring the path of Hurricane/TS Sandy.  We have been in touch with state and national partners regarding our status and availability.  The threat to the northern states is real and should be taken seriously.

We are preparing our equipment and volunteers for a possible response. 

Please pray for those in harm's way that they will prepare and find shelter.  Pray for believers as they minister to others in this difficult time.


Money will be needed to provide assistance to Sandy survivors including the purchase of building materials to help people rebuild. A Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Reserve fund has been set up. 100% of what you give will be used in these disaster relief and rebuilding efforts.

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