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Oklahoma/Midwest Tornados Update

June 10: NCBM Disaster Relief volunteers have assisted 151 families clear debris from homes affected by the May 20 F5 tornado.  In addition, over 1,200 chaplaincy visits with volunteers and survivors have occured during this response.  3,549 meals have been prepared for volunteers not only from NC but also several other states from as far away as California.  In all, 562 volunteer days have been given during this time.  18 have become new disciples in Christ! 

May 31: Volunteers are serving homeowners by helping them sort through personal belongings in the debris pile.  Chaplaincy volunteers are providing spiritual and emotional care.  Pray for the survivors as they have many decisions to make regarding next steps.  By the numbers: 228 volunteer days, 3 new disciples, 108 work orders completed, 274 chaplaincy visits, 1,200 meals prepared (for volunteers).

May 29 - Moore, OK by the numbers: 146 volunteer days, 81 work orders completed, 2 salvations, 610 meals prepared (for volunteers), chaplaincy visits: 221.  For pictures click here.

May 23 - NCBM Disaster Relief Leadership is in place in Moore and we have been given an area to serve.  Skid steer team members departed today.

May 22 - At the request of Oklahoma Baptists, NCBM Disaster Relief will be sending 3 skidsteer teams to Moore, OK to help survivors clean up debris.  Teams of 3-4 will be departing as early as tomorrow morning. Disaster Relief leadership will be in place tonight in order to prepare for the teams' arrival.  Pray for the teams and the people they will assist.
       Oklahoma Baptists and the State of Oklahoma encourage donors to give financially rather than in-kind donations of food, clothing, and other items.

May 21 - NCBM Disaster Relief is monitoring the Oklahoma tornado situation and standing by to assist if needed.  We have informed Oklahoma Baptists that we are available to help.  Disaster Units and team leaders have been alerted for the possibility of response.  Please pray for the families who lost loved ones in the tornados. The biggest needs right now are for prayers and money to help people rebuild their lives.

May 20 - Currently we are on "Alert" status which is monitoring for situational awareness and preparing for a possibility of response. 


Your gifts to support disaster relief efforts provide assistance to help in times of crisis.  To support this effort, donate now to the Oklahoma/Midwest Tornado Fund.

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