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April Tornado/Severe Weather Update

December: We continue with rebuild efforts in eastern NC on homes damaged by the April 2014 tornados.  The Washington site is closed, however, the Elizabeth City site remains open.  Volunteers are needed to help with construction.  Materials are provided as well as housing and food.  No disaster relief training needed.  Sign up by clicking on the "Get Involved" link.

September:  We started rebuild efforts in May to cover Beaufort, Chowan, Pasquotank, and Perquimans Counties.  We have 2 sites: Elizabeth City and Washington.  Since April, 1,584 volunteer days have been put in to complete 45 cleanup jobs, repair 59 homes and prepare 2,890 meals (for participants).  Two salvations have been reported.  Volunteers are needed to help families recover from the  April tornado.  The work is mainly construction with a few more clean up jobs (tree debris) to be accomplished.  We provide housing, food, coordination, and materials.  But, we need you to help with the labor!  Sign up using the "Get Involved" link on the right side of the page.

May 7, 2014:  Currently the Elizabeth City site is still open.  However, we anticipate that it will close by Saturday May 10.  Over 143 homeowners have been helped with clean up and temporary repair.  More than 5,800 volunteer hours have been given by volunteers. 
      Rebuild:  We are planning on helping with rebuild in areas affected by the tornados.  Please check back for updates on the progress of the effort.  You can sign up by clicking on the "Get Involved" link.  We will be in touch with you when we are ready for construction volunteers.

May 2, 2014:  We are expecting a big volunteer turnout this weekend in Elizabeth City.  This cleanup and recovery site covers 3 counties: Chowan, Perquimans, and Pasquotank.  The Washington site will close on today.  So far approximately 55 homeowners have been assted and close to 2,000 volunteer hours have been given. Thanks to all that are helping!

4/28-14: The work continues!  Over 1,000 volunteer hours since the storm helping homeowners clean up from the debris caused by the April 25 tornado(s).  Thirty (30) clean up jobs have been completed with more to go.  Two people became new disciples!  Sign up by clicking on "Volunteer Now".

4/27/14: Current estimates of damaged homes is over 300.  We have a little over 30 homeowners asking for our assistance but we expect this number to grow substantially over the next few days.  So far, 10 jobs are complete.  Teams are needed to assist. 

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