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Roma (Gypsy) Partnership


NC Baptist Men and Women will be working with the Hungarian-speaking Roma people (Gypsy) of Romania/Ukraine/Hungary in 2015. Hungarian Baptist Aid and NC Baptist Men have partnered for the last seven years to improve the life of the Roma people both physically and spiritually. Many teams have traveled to Central Eastern Europe to participate with the Roma in prayer and worship; providing VBS for the children, funding for wells in villages, food for the children and adults and men's and women's ministry. Medical teams are ministering in the Roma churches and villages as they meet physical needs and share the love of Christ. Construction teams have improved church buildings and built new churches in villages where there was no place to worship.

The Roma, often considered the poorest of the poor, are generally shunned and treated as outcast in their communities. North Carolina Baptists have great opportunity to be the hands  and feet of Jesus as we go to minister to their many needs and to share the gospel message. Volunteers are needed this summer to work with the children providing VBS, day camps and backyard bible clubs. Medical volunteers are needed for our medical teams and those with construction knowledge can help with building projects. Be in prayer about how God would have you and your church to be involved.

For current pictures showing the work among the Roma, visit


What Our Teams Do

English Bible Camps in Hungarian Public Schools
2014 saw the first opportunity to invest in new communities in Hungary as Baptist men and women provided English Bible Camps in public schools operated by our ministry partner, Hungarian Baptist Aid. A first year curriculum was developed to provide specific instruction in English, American Culture and the Bible. Teams are needed in 2015 to take this same curriculum into additional schools and a second year curriculum will be developed for those teams returning to the schools adopted in 2014. This project is primarily working with 1st through 8th grade students (Roma and Hungarian) and their teachers but is part of a larger church planting effort as large numbers are coming to the Lord through this spiritual movement. To read more about this work, click here.

VBS/Outreach Teams
A spiritual harvest is being recognized as teams continue to provide VBS, evangelistic outreach and youth, women and men’s events in Roma communities in Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. Baptists on Mission is seeking North Carolina churches willing to send teams to build relationships in these communities; partnering with the local leadership for long-term effectiveness and spiritual growth. 

Medical Teams
Numerous Roma communities throughout Romania and Ukraine have little access to medical care. Showing God’s love through medical care opens the door to relationship building and sharing the Gospel. Specifically in 2014 work expanded in Ukraine as new relationships were built in Roma communities and we look forward to more teams serving there in 2015. Opportunities are available for medical teams to work with Roma churches and villages in both Romania and Ukraine.

To reserve a project or for more information contact Teresa Jones, or (800) 395-5102 ext. 5573.

2015 Team Dates

Team # Dates Team Name - Work
RO15-01 January 7 - 16 Pinetops Baptist - Church Renewal
RO15-02 April 24 - May 3 South Elm Street Baptist - Evangelism/VBS
RO15-03 May 14 - 23 Trinity Baptist, Raleigh - Medical
RO15-04 May 29 - June 7 Open
RO15-05 June 12 - 21 Open - English Bible Camp
RO15-06 June 23 - July 2 Southview Baptist - English Bible Camp/Kindergarten
RO15-07 July 4 - July 13 Fairview Baptist, Apex - English Bible Camp
RO15-08 July 17 - 26 Reserved - English Bible Camp
RO15-09 July 29 - August 7 Temple Baptist, Fayetteville - Evangelism/VBS
RO15-10 August 10 - 21 Roxboro Baptist - Medical
RO15-11 August 24 - Sept. 2 Walnut Cove First Baptist
RO15-12 September 5 - 14 Open

Trip Cost

The price of the trip is $1950. per person.  This includes round-trip airfare, insurance, in-country transportation, lodging, most meals, orientation materials, and T-shirt.  Don’t forget your spending money.  (Price does not include materials that will be needed for ministry, i.e., VBS materials, building materials, etc. See below)

Material Costs 

Each team must provide a minimum of $500 to $2000 for the cost of doing ministry. This will depend on type of projects you wish to do. Medical teams will use the money for Medicine. Materials for construction projects will be purchased in country. VBS materials must be assembled and taken from the USA plus feeding the children.  You should plan for up to 200 children in VBS. The Roma have no money for materials, so we must provide for these cost.


Teams should be comprised of no more than 12 members. Some construction and Vacation Bible School knowledge is helpful.  On-site coordinators will arrange logistics for teams.  Applicants must be at least 16 years old to participate. 


Those wishing to participate should do the following: 

  1. Team leader should submit an electronic sign up for a project from the list below. New: A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date. This can be applied later to your teams travel expense. This needs to be sent to the NC Baptist Men's Office at PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512. Put "Roma Gypsy Project Reservation" in the memo.
  2. Once team leader has been confirmed by project coordinator, he or she will be sent instructions for registering team members. Deposit of $200 per person due when you are approved. The final balance payment per person is due no later than 30 days prior to the date of your departure. (Once tickets are purchased, they are non-refundable and non-transferable).
  3. Have a valid passport. If you do not have a valid passport you will need to get one immediately. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to process a new passport. 


Team members must be in good physical health. Anyone with a chronic medical condition should not volunteer for these projects. Many areas of work will be quite hot and dusty. Volunteers will need to make sure the following shots are up to date: Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Pertussis, Typhoid, Flu and Tetanus. Tell whom ever administers your shots that you will be traveling to Romania. Check with Internet also.(They may suggest other shots. This is up to you.) 


All travel will be arranged by NCBM’s office. Dates for travel are listed below. Any requested change of dates must be approved by NCBM. All volunteers must depart from Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh/Durham, Asheville, or Atlanta.  (Travel may be possible from other cities, but may involve an additional cost.) 

Living and Working Conditions

Those participating in this effort must be flexible and willing to work as a member of the team. Travel, living, and working conditions may be difficult at times. The work may be strenuous and the climate will be different.  Once applications and deposits have been received, team members will be given information, which will answer many questions about the trip. NCBM will do an orientation for the team.


Smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcoholic beverages may be highly offensive to other Christians. Team members must refrain from these activities while in Hungary and Ukraine.

Do you want to help Roma "Gypsy" people? You can pray, give and go!

  • Pray for the "Roma" pastors as they seek to reach Gypsy people.
  • Give to help minister to Roma people:  for $1 a day you can provide a meal for a child in the Roma ghetto; for $700 you can provide a well in a Roma Village; for $1,500 you can provide a little adobe house (20’X 20’) for a Roma family.
  • Go to Hungary/Romania/Ukraine and help the Gypsy church. Teams are needed for construction, medical, VBS and other projects. Contact Teresa Jones if you are interested in going. You can contact Teresa at 1-800-395-5102 ext. 5573 or e-mail her at
  • If you wish to contribute to the Gypsy church, make you check payable to NC Baptist Men, PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512. Designate your check to the Gypsy work.
Key:  Project has been Reserved
 Project NameProject TypeStartEndLocation
RO15-03 Medical / Dental 5/14/20155/23/2015 Ukraine, Ukraine
RO15-06 Educational, Evangelism, Music / Drama, Prayer, Sports, VBS / Backyard Bible Club 6/23/20157/2/2015 Budapest, Ibrány
RO15-07 Educational, Evangelism, Music / Drama, Prayer, Sports, VBS / Backyard Bible Club 7/5/20157/14/2015 Budapest, Nagyhalász
RO15-08 Educational, Evangelism, Music / Drama, Prayer, Sports, VBS / Backyard Bible Club 7/17/20157/26/2015 Torokszentmiklos, Hungary
RO15-09 Church Planting, Construction, Educational, Evangelism, Music / Drama, Prayer, Sports, VBS / Backyard Bible Club 7/29/20158/7/2015 Szekelyhid, Romania
RO15-10 Medical / Dental 8/10/20158/21/2015 Ukraine, Ukraine
RO15-11 Medical / Dental 8/24/20159/2/2015 Székylhíd, Romania

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