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Houses of Hope

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Houses of Hope Project in Kisumu

The Kenya Baptist Convention has undertaken a bold initiative of planting 1000 new house churches in the next five years. One of the strategies for doing this involves community service projects in which mission teams help build a house for four needy families in strategic church plant areas. These are usually widows, many of whom are forced to move back to their home place after their husband dies. They are often at the mercy of the community for any housing at all. The house building project brings the community together for service to one of its members and exposes them to the gospel through a house dedication service. Neighbors contribute some materials, time, effort, and food to the cause. Local pastors are active in planning, conducting, and follow-up of the project with the goal of starting a Bible Study in the new homes, and eventually a new church in the area. Teams will also have opportunity to minister with the many children who gather for the project, witness house to house, and participate in a house dedication service. Some teams have opportunity to share in the local public schools. 

See a three-minute Houses of Hope Video below

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Teams of 7-8* are needed to go for 11 days. Ideally, some will work on the house while others conduct a variety of ministry with the children and adults in the community. These duties can be rotated if the team desires. The team will be housed and fed at a local hotel. There will be a Kenyan foreman and crew who will work with the team on the construction effort. All tools are already on site.
*Larger teams can also serve - up to 24.


Exact cost of the project will vary depending on current airfare. Ground cost is approximately $950 per person* and is based on an 11 day trip. This includes food, lodging, in-country transportation, bottled water; entry visa; orientation, volunteer insurance, and one night's stay at game park. Airfare typically runs between $1500 and $1900 depending on time of year, with summer months being the most expensive.

Dates of Service

Dates for team's service are very flexible. Almost any 11 day time frame throughout the year can be worked out for teams to serve. Travel begins with a Tuesday departure from NC and concludes with a return to NC on the following Friday. Call the NC Baptist Men's office at 1-800-395-5102 x 5607 with dates in mind. We will work with our contacts in Kenya to secure the best date for your team to come.

Typical Team Schedule

Tuesday Depart US
Wednesday Arrive Nairobi PM; stay in Hotel in Nairobi
Thursday Travel to Kisumu area near Lake Victoria; Arrive and settle into hotel
Friday Build first house; minister in community; house dedication
Saturday Build second house; minister in community; house dedication
Sunday Worship and visit Kisumu area
Monday Build third house; minister in community; house dedication
Tuesday Build fourth house; minister in community; house dedication
Wednesday Travel to Masai Mara Game Park; lunch at lodge; game drive in late afternoon
Thursday Breakfast at lodge; game drive in AM; drive back to Nairobi and fly out PM
Friday Arrive back in US

Other Costs

The cost of each house (which includes materials and salary for small team of local craftsmen) is $400. Cost for four houses will be $1600. Occasionally, NC Baptist Men can contribute the cost for these houses (up to four houses) IF funds are available. Otherwise, the team will need to take care of these costs. Teams larger than 8 willl need to take care of the funds for any additional houses (past four). 

Game Park Visit

All Kenya teams will enjoy a one-night stay at Masai Mara game park. Cost for this will be included in your overall price.  If team chooses not to do the game park they can work those days.

* Per person price is based on eight team members.The cost of some mission items are spread out between team members. The cost for van and driver is one example of this. The vans hold eight passengers and a driver. Therefore, a team of eight will maximize team member costs. If a team has seven, the per person cost will rise a bit, more so for six, and so on. 

Houses of Hope Video:


Additional Videos:

Shem Okello of the Kenya Baptist Convention, explains the "Houses of Hope" ministry. (You may need to click the "play" button more than once.)   Pastor Peter Ogada leads local children in song, and then presides at a house dedication for Mama Mary. (You may need to click the "play" button more than once.)

NOTE: The projects listed below have been set up for specific teams that are already planning to go. If you would like to put together a team - or if individuals would like to add to a team - please contact Mark Abernathy at 919-459-5607 or

Key:  Project has been Reserved
 Project NameProject TypeStartEndLocation
KY15-007 - Kenya Houses of Hope Construction, Evangelism 6/16/20156/26/2015 Kisumu, None
KY15-009 - Kenya Houses of Hope Construction, Evangelism 7/7/20157/17/2015 Kisumu, None
KY15-010 - Kenya Houses of Hope Construction, Evangelism 7/28/20158/7/2015 Kisumu, None

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