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NC Baptist Men have partnered with Africa for Christ to sponsor national church planters in Southern Africa. These church planters are doing a great job of sharing Christ and starting churches in very difficult places. To learn more about Africa for Christ, click on the video presentation below:

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Here are some ways your church can help:

Financial Support for Church Planters

Financial support for chruch planters will be for a five-year period. Support will start at $400 per month for the first year and then be reduced by $75 per month for each year thereafter. [Year 1 $400; Year 2 $325; Year 3 $250; Year 4 $175; Year 5 $100]

Church Planter & Emerging Leader's Training

Director of Missions and pastors wishing to  assist in providing training can travel to South Africa and lead in training conferences with church planters and emerging leaders in the new churches. A national training session is held with the Baptist Union and church planters annually. Regional training sessions are also held several times during the year. Churches and associations can partner financially as well as by providing leadership to support these training opportunities.

Evangelistic Teams

A church or an associational team may participate in a mission trip to assist the church planter and emerging leaders in evangelistic events in the community surrounding the church plant. This could include personal evangelism, outdoor revival meetings, and other evangelistic projects.

Purchase of Church Property/Purchase of Materials for First Church Building

Churches or associations may wish to assist the new church start in purchasing property, and/or, later, in purchasing materials for the plant's first building. This is not a requirement to participate in the Africa for Christ partnership, but some may desire to help. Monies for land purchase and all other projects will be sent to the Baptist Union and distributed by them.

Purchase of Tent or Materials to Build a "Shack Church"

Once again, this is not mandatory, but if a church or association wishes to help financially, this is another good way. Funds will be distributed through the Baptist Union.

Construction Teams to Assist with First Building

An association or church may desire to send a construction team to assist in the building of the first church structure. This will be coordinated throught the Baptist Union of South Africa. Teams will be responsible for their own travel and support.

Assistance with Economic Projects for Church Members

There are also other projects that new church planters engage in to assist their members, espcially in the poorer areas of South Africa. These are called "Special Economic Projects". These projects may include things such as: the purchase of a sewing machine for a woman to make clothes to sell for her livelihood; the purchase of chickens for an egg laying enterprise; etc.


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For more information about the Africa for Christ project contact:

Richard Brunson
800-395-5102 x 5597