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Men's Ministry:  Igniting the Hearts of Men for Christ

The purpose of Men's Ministry through NC Baptist Men is to assist churches in establishing an on-going, effective ministry to and with men of the congregation and the community.  

Upcoming Men's Ministry Events

Event Date Registration
Statewide Men's Ministry Leadership Training (East)
     @ New Hope Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC 
September 20 Online Registration
Men's Work & Worship Weekend @ Red Springs October 10-11 Online Registration
Men's Worship Rallies (Regions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10) November  
Baptist Men's Day January 26  
Men's Outdoor Weekend @ Camp Caraway May 15-16 Online Registration

Key and New Resources For Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry Resource Booklet
The popular Men's Ministry booklet produced by NC Baptist Men is now an online resource.

Sleeping Giant
A resource by Kenny Luck, Men's Pastor at Saddleback Church, designed to help churches understand the need for, and develop a strategy for reaching men. 

Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood
A video series for men by Dennis Rainey, featuring a host of well-known men's ministry leaders. Discover what it means to be a godly, courageous man in today's world. 

See other Men's Ministry resources by visiting our Resources and Events page.

Men's Ministry Overview

Men are Strategic! A classic Promise Keepers survey shows that if a child is the first person in the family to accept Christ and join the church, the rest of the family will do the same only 3.5% of the time. If the mother is the first, that percentage goes to 17%. But if the father is the first to accept Christ and join the church, the rest of his family will follow 93% of the time! An intentional ministry designed to reach men for Christ will help a church not only reach men, but also reach and strengthen their family.

Our desire at NC Baptist Men is to see men and families reached for Christ. We want to help the men of our churches take up the challenge of living a Christ-filled life in all areas of their lives - home, work, and church. Too often, Baptist Men's groups focus more on "Ministry By Men" and not enough on "Ministry To Men". Both are important. A vibrant, life-changing men's ministry is one that looks to do four things:
The pages on this site contain information on Men's Ministry resources and events. Allow us to be of service to you as you plan your strategy for effectively reaching men in your church.

The video to the left contains information on how to have a well-balanced Men's Ministry. The video is approximately 8 and a half minutes long. (For better viewing, right-click on the video, choose "zoom", and then "full screen".)