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A Caraway Experience

Experience an unforgettable summer at Camp Caraway!  Camp is epic fun!  We use this fun to:

o   Share the love of Jesus-We want people to know how much Jesus loves them!  Campers will here truth from God’s word daily through our mature camp counselors and through the camp pastor and missionary in a fun and safe environment.
o   Develop healthy relationships- Our program experience is greatly based on relationships just as relationships are very important in our daily lives.  Our camp staff help campers feel at home and help plug them into our community with other campers and staff.
o   Create lasting teachable moments- We use every activity, whether a recreation, worship service or missions time to teach and equip campers with Biblical truth for daily living.
o   Teach about the importance of missions- All Christ followers are missionaries!  Our daily missions time with a missionary will help campers understand what missions is and why we are to be missionaries where we are.  
Recreation & Activities

Our recreation is epic fun!   Recreation and activities vary some per program depending upon length of stay and age or size specifications.  Recreation may include:  swimming in pool and lake, water slides, paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, bazooka ball, paint ball, archery, air rifles, sling shots, pedal race cars, rock walls, zip lines, ropes challenge course, octaball, 9 square in the air, field games, wiffle ball, team building, crafts, corn hole, Kubb, disc golf, outdoor living skills, skits, fun songs, canteen for snacks & gifts, camp fires, and more.
We offer 5 unique programs:

Camp Caraway for Boys, Camp Caraway for Children, Father-Son camps, Father-Daughter Camp, and Mother-Son camp.

Camp Caraway for Boys

Camp Caraway for Boys is a weeklong residential camp for all boys and young men who are ages 9-17 or who have completed 3rd grade. Campers are dropped off Monday at 10am and depart after lunch on Friday. Campers may attend as an individual or small group.  If boys are in the same age grouping they may stay with up to three other boys that they know if request is made prior to camp on a pairing request form.
Camp Caraway for Boys has four units which are divided by ages: 
Westwoods Unit:
Mountain View Unit:
Rocks Unit:
Northwoods Unit:
9-10 yr old boys
10-11 yr old boys
12-13 yr old boys
14-17yr old boys

For boys who have completed 3rd or 4th grade.  This unit resides in the Westwoods Lodge.  This cabin has four seperate wings joined together by a large commons area.  Westwoods Lodge is modern, air-conditioned and includes restrooms and showers in each cabin.  This unit is designed to meet the needs of younger boys and help them transition to a fun camp environment away from home.  Recreation may include:  water fights, pedal race cars, crafts, low ropes challenge course, zip line, swimming in the lake, water slides, swimming pool, kayaks, archery, air rifles, sling shots, group games, cookouts, hiking and more.

Mountain View

For boys who have completed 4th or 5th grade.  The Mountain View Unit is seperated into individual cabins that are modern with air-condition and indoor restrooms and showers.  Recreation may include: overnight campout, swimming in the lake and pool, water slides, kayaks, archery, air rifles, paint ball target shooting, group games, cookout, hiking, and more.

The young men of Rocks are ages 12-13.  The Uwharrie Mountain breeze cools these summer cabins through their screened windows.  The bath house is a short walk away.  Recreation may include:  paintball, rappelling, swimming in the lake and pool, kayaks, archery with compound and recurve bows, air rifles, group games, campout, cookout, hiking, and more.


The young men of Northwoods include ages 14-17 who camp in Caraway's three walled Adirondack cabins.  Falling asleep with a campfire crackling nearby is normal in this campsite.  Campers have the option to hang out in a hammock or sleep in the cabin.  This unit is designed to reach high school students by providing exciting recreation and encourage them to get out of their comfort zones.  Recreation may include:  High ropes challenge course, climbing tower, zip line, paintball, the blob, water slides, swimming in the lake, dunking in the pool, pellet rifles, archery with compound bows, camping, cooking over fires, hiking, group games, team building, and more. 

Sample Daily Boys Camp Schedule

Camp Caraway's daily schedule is active and fun, focusing on the total person; physically, mentally, and spiritually. The program at Caraway is balanced to be full of activity, full of interest, and full of meaning. Cabin schedules vary each day according to the age of the participants.  This schedule may change.

Rise and shine
Flag Raising
Quiet Time
Missions Time
Cabin Time
Overnight camp out or cook out 
Cabin time
Night Swim
Lights Out
Camp Caraway for Children

Click here to visit the Camp Caraway for Children web pages for more detailed information.  This weeklong residential program is for boys and girls who have completed 1st-6th grade to attend with their church group and adult chaperons. There must be one gender specific chaperon for every 6 children.   This program is for church groups, not individuals.

Father/ Son Camps

This exciting camp is for any adult male, (ages 21 or older) father, grandfather or male mentor to bring up to three boys who have completed kindergarten through 6th grade.  Father/son camps are a great opportunity for fathers or mentors to spend some quality time with their sons/boys by being involved in a schedule of Christian fun and meaningful activities that boys love.  It is important for men to be active in the development of boys in their life!  We beleive there is no better way to continue this important relationship than a fun camp together away from the day to day norm.   We offer overnight camps in the spring, fall and summer as well as a two night camp in the summer. 

Fathers may bring up to three boys who are in rising 1st-6th grade. Lodging will be in modern air conditioned cabins.  Fathers and sons will stay together in a cabin with other fathers, sons and a staff member.  Father/son camps make a great birthday gift for a dad or a son.

Father-Daughter Camp

Attention Fathers of daughters who are rising 1st-6th graders!  Your daughter needs to rekindle that special relationship she has with her dad.  Enjoy a 2 day-one night camp with her!  This special time will be filled with fun memories, such as free time to hang out together, worship, and time to choose from several fun recreational activities. 
Fathers may bring up to three girls in rising grades 1-6.  Lodging will be in modern air conditioned cabins.  Fathers will stay in a cabin with other fathers.  Girls will stay in a cabin of girls located near their dads with our trained female camp staff.  In the evening while girls are under the care of their staff members we will have a devotion and optional free time for the dads.

Mother-Son Camp

Mother-son camp is for moms and their sons who are risisng 1st-6th graders.  Enjoy a fun, exciting camp with your son away from the norm of life.  We will help you and your son create unique memories by having fun together, growing spiritually, laughing, talking, and listening to each other.  This special time will be filled with fun memories, such as free time to hang out together, worship, and time to choose from several fun recreational activities.  It is important for parents to create intentional times to retreat from the pressures of day to day life while rekindling relationships with ones that we love.  
Mothers may bring up to three boys in rising grades 1-6.  Lodging will be in modern air conditioned cabins.  Mothers will stay in a cabin with other mothers.  Boys will stay in a cabin of boys located near their moms with our trained male camp staff.  In the evening while boys are under the care of their staff member we will have a devotion and optional free time for moms.