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Contact Your Camper

Telephone Contact

To contact our camp administration while summer camp is in session call 336.629.2374 ext. 9207.   Messages are checked frequently throughout the day.   Campers are not allowed to have cell phones or other electronics to help them focus on their camp experience.   We can relay any important messages to campers or chaperones if needed.  We will contact parents and guardians if a camper has been under medical attention for an illness showing no improvement after 2 hours or if he or she needs transport to a medical facility. Chaperons may have cell phones and are asked to limit calls for campers to urgent calls only.

Free E-mail

We welcome you to e-mail your camper for free.  Send e-mails to  Please include the camper's name and age in the first line of the body of the e-mail and in the subject line.  E-mails will be printed and delivered to campers once a day typically mid-day.  Campers cannot reply to this e-mail.  To purchase e-mail replies click the Bunk 1 link below.

Bunk 1 E-mail Replies

Click the Bunk 1 link above to purchase reply e-mails for your camper.  This service will allow campers to send you a hand written note via fax and e-mail.  Our staff will collect the camper replies and fax them to Bunk 1.  Bunk 1 will then scan the faxes and e-mail them to you.  The pre-approved registration code will be given to your church leader in an e-mail.  Please be patient, returning the replies takes time. 


We welcome you to save your postage and send letters to your campers via their adult chaperons.  We will gladly deliver it to your camper on any designated day.  Please be sure your campers full name and age is on the front of the letter.  If you prefer to mail a letter to our postal mailing address please send it to Camp Caraway P.O. Box 36 Asheboro, NC 27204.  Please list the campers age next to his or her name. 

Camper Pictures

We will also be making a camp DVD for your group's camp session.  The DVD's will be available for purchase order at the camp canteen on the last day of the camp session.  If the parent or guardian did not sign the photograph waiver we will not take or use their photographs.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events. Please check back soon.